League Overview

League seasons run for a six month period with one tournament each month. Points are awarded for the first five months tourneys based on the finishing position. Each of these five tourneys have a payout. The top five finishers in the league standings are paid. The final tournament is handicapped by season standings and payouts are for the top five positions.

  1. League fee is $300 per player. Payment of $100 for each of the first three months is the expected payment schedule. Players are welcome to pay in advance and many players do.

  2. Roughly one third of the buy-ins will be paid out to the top 5 finishers in the season standings - accumulation of points based on finish in each of the first 5 monthly tourneys.

  3. Roughly one third of the buy-ins will be paid out to the top 5 finishers in the final tourney held in month 6.

  4. Roughly one third of the buy-ins will be equally divided as the prize pool for the 5 monthly tourneys. The top four positions are paid for each of the season tourneys.

  5. Rebuys are allowed for the 5 monthly tourneys at $30. Rebuys are permitted until the beginning of the 6th blind level. Rebuy funds are added to the payout for that night’s tourney.

  6. No rebuys are allowed for the final tourney.

  7. Season points are allocated for the five monthly tourneys based on finish. The points system is published in the league's standings spreadsheet published on the main page of this website. Players that rebuy are placed for season points based on their initial finish and cannot improve their season points as a rebuy player.

  8. The schedule for the six tournament dates will be established each season before funds are collected and are generally set as the second Monday of each month. The final tourney will be on the second Friday of the sixth month to allow for other entertainment including but clearly not limited to a cash game after knockouts.

  9. Players may arrange for a substitute player for any of the six months if they are unable to attend.

  10. Play will commence at 7pm each tourney.

  11. Players are expected to provide notification if they expect to be late; are unable to attend; or are leveraging a substitute player.